Top 10 Affordable Price of Wheelchair in India

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Price of wheelchair in India could be hard to decide. There are many options available and it’s really important to choose the best priced wheelchair among them.

Wheelchairs are one of the most essential item for anyone who is suffering from disability. A good light weight folding wheelchairs can be life saver and can save tons of efforts. But at the same time price of wheelchair in India is also something which you can’t ignore.

Therefore it is very important to buy a right priced wheelchair for your family. However, finding the best price wheelchair in India can make things really easy for everyone. They can be folded and can be fit anywhere, whether its back side of your room or trunk of your car.

A good affordable wheelchair should be very light weight and very comfortable. Also they should have a manual brakes to make it easier to lock, brake and control by the user. 

In this blog post we have accumulated some of the best wheelchairs in India which you can buy online. All of the wheelchairs mentioned in our article has been shortlisted on different aspects like.

  • Design
  • Weight
  • Ease to use
  • Brake
  • Comfort
  • Mobility

Now come to the major point. This is our list of some of the best wheelchair in India for the cost of wheelchair and more information, you can also click on the link mentioned below.

1) Dr Trust Portable Foldable Manual Wheelchairs

Dr Trust is one of the well renowned International brands known for there healthcare products. These special low priced wheelchair comes with 24 inch rear wheels which makes them really easy to use. Because of there wide wheel range they are specially useful for rough terrain and outdoor surface.

Another great feature of these amazing wheelchairs are adjustable footrest and fixed arms which makes them really comfortable. There superior quality build material makes them one of the best wheelchair available in India. 

These wheelcahris are made with PVC Material which are very strong yet light weight material. Also these wheelchairs are very easy to clean unlike most of the other wheelchairs.

These wheelchairs can bear upto150 Kgs with ease and can be really convinient for old age person and differently able person. Some of the amazing features of these Wheelchairs are.

Some of the amazing features of this product are

  • Foldable and light weight material
  • Adjusting seating position and armrest for full support.
  • Loop style manual break for better control.
  • Ease in use
  • Can bear upto 150 Kgs easily
  • 24 Inch Diameter Rear Wheels for better control.

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2) KosmoCare Dura Rexine Mag Folding Wheelchairs.

KosmoCare is one of the best know brands for wheelchairs in India and they are specially known for making few of the most lightweight wheelchairs in India. KocmoCare Wheelchairs are ultra lght and just weight 18Kgs which makes them really easy to carry around. 

They can be easily folded and be fit into the back of any car which makes them really convenient. One of the biggest issue with modern wheelchairs are there bulky design and this special wheelchairs definitely deals with it.

But at the same times like most of the things, this wheelchair has one major drawback. It can bear upto 100 kgs. Which mean if user is little heavy, you should avoid considering buying this product.

Some of the amazing features of this product are

  • Detectable footrest and armrest.
  • Solid Mag Wheels for better control.
  • Can Carry upto 100 kgs
  • Foldable Wheelchair.
  • Premium build quality.

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3) Instant Mobility Victor Mag Standard Wheelchair.

Instant mobility is one of the biggest makers of wheelchairs in India and they are well known for there superior quality amazing wheelchairs and this amazing product is no less. If you need wheelchairs for society, nursing homes, hospitals or you just need it for very long time, you may consider buying this product.

These astounding wheelchaits are very durable and easy to use and one of the best wheelchair in India. Because of there compact and folding option, you can carry them anywhere along with you. Also they come in permium quality chrome build wheelchair which makes manifest there aesthetics as well as makes them really strong and reliable. Some of the top reasons why this is one of the best wheelchair in India.

Some of the amazing features of this product are

  • Extra wide footrest for comfortable design.
  • Chrome plated steel frame for better and robust quality.
  • Rear Mag Wheel.
  • Folding option available for ease of use.
  • Comes with tools for customization.

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4) KHL Wheelchair with Mag Wheels.

These are one of the most premium quality wheelchair manufactured by KHL which you can easily purchase on Amazon and is one of the best wheelchair in India you can find online. There robust and light weight design makes them one of the best choice for anyone looking for a good quality wheelchair in India.

One thing that sets them apart from other wheelchair is there design. They come in very stylish and modern design which you may not find in most of the other wheelchairs.

Some of the amazing features of this product are

  • Modern and really comfortable design
  • Light weight and easy to fold
  • Superior quality build material 

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5) KHL Foldable Light Weight Simple Wheelchair with Seat Belt

top wheelchair in India

If you’re looking for a wheelchair which has extra safety option in it, this should be your first choice. This amazing and modern wheelchair is one of the lightest wheelchair you can find online.

One thing which sets this product apart from other is its unique design. It has Aluminium frame which is one of the lightest material available for wheelchair. Apart from that it also has drop back handle which makes it really easy and convenience to fold.

And the most amazing thing is that this remarkable product just weight 11kgs. If budget is not a constrain for you we would highly

Some of the amazing features of this product are

  • Comes with Free Water Cushion for extra comfort.
  • Can bear up to 100 kgs.
  • Has lest number of welding point to decrease weight.
  • Comes with anti slip footrest.

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6) Kosmocare Premium Foldable Wheelchair.

Best wheelchair online

This is the second time we are mentioning KosmoCare Wheelchair in our list and there is a reason for this. One of the biggest problem while handling attendants are to feed them. It gets really difficult to lift them and take them on table. This modern wheelchair has amazingly solved this problem.

It comes with detachable multipurpose tray which user can use as there personal table. It is made with extra comfortable cushion to give that extra comfort to its users. Apart from all other things one thing which we really liked in this wheelchair is its Superior Quality Mag Wheels for extra control.

Because of its high quality wheel quality, this wheelchair is very easy to control and barely slips from its position.

Some of the amazing features of this product are

  • Detachable and easy to clean cusion
  • Folding option to fit anywhere.
  • Detachable multipurpose tray.
  • Superior quality Mag Wheels for better control.
  • Weight around 18Kgs and can bear upto 100Kgs.

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7 KHL Ultralight and Easy to carry Wheelchair.

 foldable wheelchair in India

All of use want the best for our attendant and for that at times people don’t even hesitate to go little extra mile and this Ultra Light Weight Wheelchair is example of that only. If budget is not a constrain for you, this wheelchair should be the only option for you.

Body of this futuristic wheelchair is build with aircraft grade aluminum material which makes it really reliable, strong and flexible and it just weight 9.2 Kgs. Yes, that’s almost half than most of the wheelchairs you will find anywhere else. But it’s light weight design doesn’t second its build quality. It can easily bear wight upto 100kgs.

Some of the amazing features of this product are

  • Build with aircraft grade aluminium material.
  • Weight just 9.2 Kgs.
  • Can easily bear upto 100kgs.
  • Dual brake for extra control

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8) Fastwell Folding Wheelchair.

Fastwell is one of the well known brand in healthcare industry and they have made very remarkable products. This Wheelchair is another example of there amazing design and usability.

Build with very light weight material, this amazing wheelchair by fastwell comes with user brakes for extra control.

Also it has very modern and elliptical look to make it looks apart from other wheelchair available at its range.

  • One of the best choice for folding wheelchairs.
  • Very light weight and easy to use.
  • Comes with user brakes for extra control.


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9) KosmoCare junior Premium Foldable Wheelchair

Wheelchair costing

This wheelchair is ideal for children, but it can adjust adults as well. It has a seat width of 14 inches which is good enough for any adult and most of the wheelchairs have the same dimensions.’

This premium quality wheelchair in India comes with detachable footrest and armrest which makes it really easy to fir anywhere. Also it makes it really convenient to transfer from/to bed, which you may not find in most of the wheelchairs.

  • Ideal for childrens.
  • Can carry weight upto 75 Kgs.
  • It has aluminium light weight frame.
  • Can easily be adjust anywhere. 


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10) Meditive Light weight Foldable Wheelchair.


wheelchair cost in India

If you’re wheelchair especially for the purpose of transit like in car booth, airports etc this wheelchair could be an ideal choice for you. 

Its special light weight aluminium design makes it really convenient and easy to use and fold. It also comes with drop back design which makes it really compact and feasible.

One of the main feature of this wheelchair is its flip up leg rest and this is one of the biggest reasons why we have considered it to be one of the best wheelchair in India

  • Made with light weight aluminium frame.
  • Flip Up leg rest for extra comfort.
  • Ideal for transit situation in car booth, airports etc


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Main purpose of our blog is to help our customers to buy the Best Wheelchair in India. Apart from this we have also written several articles to help our customers.

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