Top 5 Best Brand of TV in India | 2020 Updated list

Best Brand of TV can be difficult to find. You have to choose the best product while keeping different factors in mind like Design, Features, price etc.

And to make it worst, every brand is coming up with something new every now and then

In good old days TV used to be considered as status symbol and only wealthy part of society were able to afford it, but that time is long gone.

What many people don’t understand that buying a new TV can be time consuming as well very difficult process.

This is not something which you buy that often and  you want to be sure when it comes to buying a new TV. Some of the major problems faced while deciding a best brand of TV in India are as following.

Things to consider while buying a smart tv.




Price is one of the biggest factor when it comes to buying a new TV. Not all the people have the same buying power and less price doesn’t mean that they have less features.


TV size.

Size of the TV is one important factor which most people generally undeestimate. While choosign a new TV there are lot of factors which one has to keep in mind like distance between TV, placement of TV etc.

If you’re choosing the viewing distance of 4-6ft, go for 32 inch tv, if the distance is 5-8ft choose 42 inch. Similarly you can choose the distance.


Smart TV or not

Craze of smart TV is spreading like a wild fire these days and more and more people are considering to buy it. Not only it comes with lot of features, you can also use it for different purpose. You can connect it to internet to view content, install your favorite app and even play games.

Smart tv delivers overall an amazing TV watching experience which you may not find in non-smart tv.

Now it has become of almost every household. With the development in science and economic reform many National and International Brads started emerging in the India Market.

Some big brands like LG and Samsung are thriving the market while some brands like Onida and Micromax have become obsolete. At the same time many Chinese TV Brands are gaining huge popularity.

We have created this special list of different TV Brands available in India while considering many factors in mind like.

  • Connectivity Option
  • Design
  • Price
  • Brand value
  • Other features like warranty and such

So just sit back and play your favorite song while let us do the hard work.

Best Brand of TV in India

1 ) LG

LG is a South Korean multinational electronics company which has its headquarter in Seoul. They have been in industy since many years but after launching there OLED TV range in 2013 they have been dominating the market.

There special OLED TV range uses emissive electroluminescent layer which is an organic compound that eliminate light in the presence of electricity. This special feature make there OLED TVs super clear and gives amazing 4K experience to there viewers.

There another type of technology is using IPS Pannel which has wider viewing angel and lower input lag. This feature comes useful specially while buying there monitors. At the same time these IPS Pannel televisions are not perfect for dark room viewing as black tends to look more like grey.

If you’re budget constrains then LG may not be the best choice for you as there IPS Pannel TVs doesn’t have that good feedback. But, if budget is not a problem for you then you for there OLED TV range which has extra focused pixels detailing and is currently the best buy in the market. These all features makes LG one of the best brand of TV in India.

2) Samsung


Samsung is one of the big names in TV Brands in India which has been dominating the market since many years now and they have been known for manufacring few of the best smart tvs in India. From 720p budget TV to 8K special QLED premium TV they have something for everyone.

There TVs may not be as clear as compared to LGs OLED range of TVs but they have been popular for there very sleek and this design among there customers.

One thing that set there TV apart from great clarity is there smart features on there TVs. Samsung have been known to produce some of the best smart TV in industry. They have a smart platform which goes by the name of Tizen OS which help them to embed new features to there TVs every now and then.

This year they introduced special smart feature called “Ultra Viewing Angle Technology” which helps them to enhance there viewing angle, but this feature is available for high end models only.

3) Sony

Sony may not be as great as they used to be India but still they manage to be one of the best TV manufacturers in the world and if you’re considering Indian market, sony is still consider as best brand of tv in India. Compared to most of its competitors, Sony puts special focus on quality and and picture accuracy as result all of there TV have greats up scaling of lower resolution content and amazing picture and motion stability.

There Smart TV operating system called Android TV and this feature gives you tons of Apps and customization options if you’re planning to buy there smart range of TVs. Also they have inbuilt Google Assistance option available ( Via a microphone in the remote) where you gave give it special instruction just like your mobile phone.

There best product is SONY A9G OLED which provide one of the best crystal clear visibility in the market with lot of advance features.

But this product is slightly on the expensive side. If you want amazing picture quality at little moderate price, you can go with entry level SONY X7500F which provide 4k Ultra HD with smart features.

4) Panasonic

best tv brand in india

Panasonic is one of the most prominent Japaneses company know around the world for there electronic products. They have established them self as one of the amazing TV manufacturers which provides premium features at very affordable price range.

Getting inspired by there rivals LG and Sony, Panasonic have also introduced OLED Display for there high end 4-k TVs. By using there amazing color gradient technology OLED TVs can turn off individual pixels completely to display compete black.

This is perfect for achieving theater like movie experience at your home. But again OLED TVs are not recommenced in humid places as they are very sensitive to water.

Apart from OLED TVs they also use Super Bright Plus Technology which injects more brightness into pictures by using highly effective LED lights behind exceptionally tansmissive IPS Pannel.

This feature makes sure that you get amazing picture quality even if it is viewed from different angles. They have introduced this feature in there TH-43E460D model.

They offer good picture quality but there OLED Technology is not as good as LG as they are first who brought this technology so if you’re buying TV for OLED Display LG TVs should be your first choice. But still if you’re looking for a quality product in affordable range you consider Panasonic as one of the best brand of tv in India


best tv brand in india

TCL is one of the fastest growing TV brand in the world offering affordable TVs in affordable price range. Not many people know but TCl is the third largest TV Manufacturer in the world after Samsung and LG.

They have introduced some amazing technologies in there TV and one of them  is quantum dot power display which is mostly use by Samsung.

This amazing technology uses nano size crystals which are made of semi conductors and has amazing light emitting absorbing capacity which provided amazing TV viewing experience. This technology uses over a billion precise color which gives rich and eminent color.

Most amazing part is that it stays the same even the brightest TV scenes which would generally fade away in normal TVs. But this option is only available in there high end brands. 

One thing for which TCL TVs are known around the world is there amazing industrial design. It has amazing metallic body with solid frame and jewel like button design which can make you fall in love with TV in the first sight. For the matter of fact they have even won Reddot awards for there amazing design in there C2 series TVs.

At the end we would like to say that choosing the best brand of tv in india depends on you only and you should only choose your tv brands depending on the priority only.

Also if you’re looking to buy a new TV in an affordable range, we have created list of some of the top TVs under Under Budget.

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