JSB HF 05 Leg and Foot Massager

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JSB is one of the most renowned brand when it comes to foot and leg massagers and apart from that, they have been making some really good remarkable home care products that are good enough to blow anyone’s mind.

Leg and Foot Massagers brings extra ordinary joy when you’re really tired and need a moment to enjoy yourself. In such moments only JSB Foot Massager comes into use. A good foot massager in no less than any of your valuable assets because it helps you to relax and enjoy the moment.

A good leg massager massages your leg profoundly and helps to increase the blood flow in your blood which plays a vital role to elevate your mood and mental health. Also it helps to decrease your leg pain which may get very painful at times and also unbearable.

To help you get rid of this problem JSB has created an amazing leg massager which increase the blood flow in your vien and helps you counted problems.


JSB foot massager comes  with an amazing rubber kneading pads which is really efficient in massaging your foot ankles and calf at the same time. It is also made with premium quality material which ensures that your massager last as long as possible without having much issues.

generally one of the biggest problem we face while using a foot massager is its angel. It may get little uncomfortable to sit in that position in that particular position for long time, but JSB HF 05 has found solution for that also in this amazing leg and foot massager.

It can easily bend upto 45 Degree which ensures that you can use this phenomenal product while sitting as well as reclining.


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Some of the great features of this amazing foot massager as following.

– Rubber Knelding pads.

Most of the foot massager which you see in the market are good enough to massage only one part of your leg at a time. When they are massaging you feet they’ll be there only and same goes with ankles. But same does not goes with JSB HF05 Leg Massager

In this you can massage you whole leg at a time and by that I mean Feet and Ankle both at a same time. This ensure that you get best relief in the minimum number of time.

– Can Recline upto 45 Degress.

Generally people prefer using leg massager while sitting on there recliner but most of the leg massager doesn’t let you do that.

JSB HF05 comes with special feature to which lets you recline your massager upto 45 Degree. Amazing right. With this you can use your massager even while your reclining.

– Amazing modes available

It comes with 3 modes + 3 modes of knelding as well as reflexology vibration modes for the sole of the feet. This ensues that while using this leg massager you get all round rellief at the same time without much issue.

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