Top 10 Best Car Speakers in India (2020)

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Are you someone who loves enjoying good music and looking for the Best Car Speaker in India? Well if your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place.

We invest our hard earned money to buy a perfect car and if you don’t install a good quality sound system  in it, it can totally sabotage the whole experience.

But at the same time finding the best quality speaker for your car is not as easy as it looks. One has to do an extensive research to find that one speaker which has the perfect blend of woofer, sub woofers and other components. Here is our list of some o the best quality of car speakers you can find in India at an amazing rates.


Top 10 Car Speakers in India.

Here is our list of Top 10 speakers, please have a look and don’t forget to leave a suggestion at the end of the post.


1) JBL A320HI 300 W Coaxial Speaker









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JBL is one of the most renowned brand to choose when it comes to music appliances and there recent A320HI 300 W Coaxial Speaker has been a pioneer in the car speakers markets. Now listening to your favorite music has become equally easy and fun even while riding your vehicle.

If you’re someone who’s looking to upgrade your factory level speaker to something really good but at the same time not too fancy, this could be an idle choice for you. This amazing coaxial speaker comes with the power consumption of 300 W and 45W RMS.

It has PEI Balanced Dome Tweeters which enables you to get equally crisp and clear music from all the side of the speakers. It’s body is build with injection molded polypropylene cone which is equally effective and durable and is one of the material for any coaxial speakers.

  • Dimension of 36 x 18.5 x 9 cm
  • 300 W Power Consumption
  • Frequency Response of  55Hz to 20kHz
  • PEI Balanced Dome Tweeter
  • Max Power 300W 45 W Rms


  • Brand Value
  • Premium Build Quality
  • IMPP Cone Material


  • Does Not Comes With Protective Gear

2 ) Sony Mega Base XS-FB162E 6.5 Inch Speaker



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Sony Mega Bass XS-FB162E is one of the best speakers which you get at an affordable rates if you want to revive the music experience in your car. This amazing speaker will ensure that you get almost home theater like experience while going for a drive which is truly amazing.

Sony is one of the leading sound products manufacturer in the world. By buying a product from a good brand one thing is for sure that you won’t be compromised with the build quality. In this package you’ll get a connecting cable and a pair of speakers for the both side of the car.

One of the best feature about this speaker is its base quality, it has the power of 260 and its speakers are made with Mica Matrix material which ensures that you the best listening experience every single time. Also Sony Mega Bass XS-FB162E  is compatible with most of the cars and setting them up also is comparatively very easy.

And if nothing goes wrong, you can also install this speaker in your cars. Apart from than it has a standard warranty of 1 Year and has really compact and space saving design. All these features available makes it truly one of the best car speakers in India at an amazingly affordable rates.

  • Dimension of 33 x 18 x 10 cm
  • Weight 1.34 Kgs
  • 260 W Power Consumption
  • Micra Matric Cone for Perfect Bass
  • Works Idle with Sony Music System
  • Space Saving and Easy to Setup Design


  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Ferrite Woofers for Premium Bass
  • IMPP Cone Material


  • Nothing Much


3) Pioneer TS-R6951S 3 Way Coaxial Speaker



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Pioneer may not be as famous and well known brand as compared to other brands like Sony and JBL but that does not mean they’re less effective. They have been in the market since many years and has its own very loyal fan base.

It has loud and clear sound system and bass with 400 W Peak  power output. It’s progressive flex suspension allow loud and impact sound quality. If you’re someone who likes listening to music with very high bass then this could be one of the idle speaker for you car.

One of the biggest problem while buying a separate speaker for the cars is the installation process. If you’re someone who is not trained in it, the whole process of installing your own speakers into your cars may seem little intimidating for you, but not with this speaker.

It has very light weight design and very less mounting depth for easy installation into your  car also it has very light weight aluminum design which makes it last prolong and increases its durability.

  • Dimension of 35.56 x 27.94 x 12.7 cm; 1.36 Kgs Weight
  • Fully covered grilled for extra protection
  • PFSS Spinder for Extra Clear and Best Sound Quality
  • Nominal Power – 50 Watts, RMS peak 400 Watt
  • Rubber coated cone surrounderd for protection


  • Premium Build Quality
  • PFSS Spider for Better Sound Quality
  • Easy to Install
  • Elegant Look


  • Nothing Much.


4) JBL GTO609C High-Fidelity Component Speaker System



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JBL has set the bar for custom car speakers to whole another level with there GTO609C High-Fidelity Component Speaker System. Form looks to sound quality, this speaker system takes care of almost all the important aspects. It has the peak power of 270 W and 75W RMS which lets to get a perfect music experience.

Frames of the speaker is one thing whihc most of the people takes for granted but is very a vital point to take care of. JBL GTO609C comes with premium quality FRP Frames also know as Fiber Reinforced Plastic Frames which makes it driver resist warping even when you mount them on uneven surface.

Their nonmagnetic carbon composite helps to control and balance the magnet’s energy and deliver it to the voice coil instead of wasting it as heat. This might sound little intimidating to you but at the end of the day it is going to increase the performance of your speaker.

It also comes with plus one woofer cone patent technology which provides overall more speaker cone area which at the end of the day helps speaker to radiate more air. This whole process results in the better low frequency response and better adaptability to the lower notes.

  • Dimension of 16 x 16 x 16 cm; 900 Grams
  • 270 W Power Consumption
  • FRP Technology for better and control sound quality
  • Patent One Woofer Cone Technology for Better Response to Lower Notes
  • Premium Titanium laminate Build Material


  • Brand Value
  • Amazing Performance
  • Takes care of Lower Notes
  • Easy to Install 
  • Very Compact Design


  • Little Expensive ( Worth buying if there is not sticking to the tight budget)

5) Sony Mega Bass XS-FB162E 6.5 Inch Speaker.




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Sony Mega Bass XS-FB162E is another great product produce by Sony which has proved there efficiency. This speaker will give you immense song listening experience especially while going for a long rides and it comes with a rightly constructed woofers for loud crisp and clear sounds.

Added with Sony Mega Bass Head Unit this pair of speakers are capable enough to give you one of the best music listening experience.

As you must have witnessed in lots of other speakers as well, they comes with Mica Matrix cone woofers which are one of the best in the market, right now. Also they are very compact speakers so you can fit them at very small space as well, apart from that they are also very easy to install wherever you want them to be.

  • Dimension of 33 x 18 x 10 cm; 1.34 Kilograms.
  • 206 W Power Consumption
  • MICA Matrix Woofers for better and control sound quality
  • Premium  Build Material


  • Brand value
  • Amazing performance
  • Balanced Dome Tweeters for clear broad frequency range
  • Easy to install
  • Space Saving Design


  • Good Enough Bass


6) Polk Audio DB6501 6.5 Inch 2  Ways Component Speaker.


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Polk Audio may as famous as compared to other brands in the list of top car speakers in India but that doesn’t mean that they are any less. It comes with cutting edge technology which produces sound like you never heard.

It comes with the well balanced silk and polymer dome tweeter and mica cone woofers which enables its smooth, clear and crisp sound every time. One of the major thing which most of the speakers generally ignores to take care of is aesthetics but this Polk Audio Speaker has taken care of it in a perfect manner.

It has rubber surround which not only enhances the look but also protects the speaker and increases its lifespan. It also comes with Stainless Steel Grills on its surface which you can barely find in any other speaker.

Apart from all theses things it comes with the power output of 300 Watts and revamped DB series which perfect or increase Polk Audio Performance every time you listen to it. At first Polk Audio Speakers may appear to be little expensive at first, but when you read the reviews and details about the products, you will realize every single penny you spend on it is worth it.

  • Dimension of : 20.32 x 36.83 x 12.07 cm; 2.27 Kilograms.
  • 300 W Power Consumption.
  • MICA Matrix Woofers for better and control sound quality.
  • ABS Grills, Rubber Surround for Extra Protection.


  • Imported Quality Product
  • World Class Build Material
  • Silk/Polymer Balanced Dome Tweeters 
  • Easy to install
  • Electronic Tweeter Protection


  • Nothing Much



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